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Iron Fist

The idea started in San Diego, California in 2001 amongst two friends from South Africa, Mike and Travis. With a long history in skateboarding, surfing, art, music and street culture the guys wanted to create clothing they couldn't find anywhere else. They wanted to return to the energy and brand attitude of the rebellious years, when skateboarders lived on the streets and mohicans would get you kicked out of Disneyland.

Born out of simplicity and Iron Fist's first retail outlet, the trunk of Travis' car the brand was well received by a then starving youth culture who were bored of traditional action sports and streetwear brands. No market strategy and no big budget, Iron Fist started selling by itself on product and artwork alone.

In the short space of 8 years Iron Fist has grown larger than our wildest dreams, with international distribution in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Russia and retailers in nearly every major city in the world. Iron Fist has two flagship stores in Rosebank, Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa and Czech Republic with plans to open more in the future.

Perhaps Iron Fist's key asset is its honesty and intention, real clothing made by real people.

Iron Fist is by no means an ordinary clothing brand; its artwork and styling have set it apart from many of its streetwear counterparts. We started making clothes because we felt like it. Iron Fist is impulsive, raw and unapologetic. Within our clothing you will find outbursts of obnoxious color mixed with raw and dirty tattoo inspired street art. Refusing to be pigeonholed into a skate, punk, hip hop or tattoo genre, Iron Fist has grown from strength to strength purely because of its diversity and constantly innovative approach to each season. Renowned for quality product with exceptional artwork from a barrage of some of the world's best underground and street artists, Iron Fist is not for everyone, and we like it that way. Our customer is an individual, a person who creates their own style. Buy it if you like it, buy it because it means something to you or someday will, buy it because you’ve never quite seen anything else like it.